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 Who We Are

Sugih Energy International (SEI) is a specialised oil and coal firm with a strong footprint in Asia and a solid financial track record. We provide integrated trading products and logistics services to energy market participants, connecting suppliers upstream to clients and markets downstream. Our long-standing trading partners and clients include 8 of the region’s largest oil companies. In 2016, SEI’s turnover grew to USD 5 billion. For 1H2017, revenues were on target and in excess of USD 3 billion. Our growth has been supported by all the major banks providing credit facilities exceeding USD 400 million.

Where We Are

Our reputation for operational excellence and proprietary network of relationships across the entire logistics chain have been symbiotic with our continued focus on our core market groups of China, ASEAN and South Asia. Our main trading offices are Singapore for ASEAN/China and Dubai for South Asia, headed up by senior personnel with a combined 40 years of trading experience in top tier trading houses.

What We Do
We provide trading, transportation and storage of coal, crude oil, fuel oil, middle distillates, gasoline and naphtha. At Sugih Energy International, our top financial analysts work on the most updated information to find the balance between supply and demand in energy and commodity products to provide the best services to our clients and suppliers. We trade in and distribute physical commodities sourced from third party producers from all over the world with a focus in the energy sector. 

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