At Sugih Energy International, we understand that it is crucial to provide our customers with reliable and trustworthy services. Our long-term prospect of building a sustainable business ensures that we work with partners with uncompromising commitment to high standards and stable quality. Sugih Energy International has been maintaining good long-term relationships with major mining companies, trading companies, as well as consumers across the globe.

Operating Responsibilities

We operate strictly within all applicable local or national laws and regulations, rigidly within the jurisdictions of each regime. While we are on good terms with public officials in the energy sector, Sugih Energy International is strictly against all corruptive actions. Sugih is also not affiliated with any political party, therefore remaining uninfluenced by local political incidents.

Political and Legal Responsibilities

In Sugih, we treat human rights and individual safety as an inseparable part of our culture. Each one of our staff and clients is treated with dignity and respect. We aim to maintain a nondiscriminatory working environment and promote ethical behaviors.

Safety is a priority for us. We focus on the protection of our staff, as well as business partners.

Human rights & Safety

We believe that environmental responsibility is an important factor in operating our services, which is why we implement social awareness programs that allow us to enhance the safety of our people and contractors whilst minimizing the carbon footprint. As an energy firm dealing primarily with coal (including thermal and coking coal) and crude oil, we are keenly aware of the possible environmental effects we may cause for the overall environment. Sugih has implemented social awareness programs that allow us to enhance the safety of our people and contractors whilst minimizing the carbon footprint.

The products we trade and the business activities we initiate are closely committed to various international environmental standard systems.

Environmental Responsibilities

Sugih International’s business activities are mainly focused on commodity trading. We recognize the possible socio-economic effects of our trading transactions. While we aim to promote economic efficiency by acting as a mediator in international commerce, we also strive to minimize the possible side-effects to the local lives we might influence.

Social Responsibilities

Sugih Energy International aligns materials and assets across diverse markets by reaching out to new sectors with a holistic approach. When we expand our business into new territories, we bring our sense of responsibility to our employees and the communities we work with.

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