Coal Mining

Presently, Sugih International has chosen East Kalimantan to house several coal mines. We operate these mines under stringent and exacting standards while never foregoing staff welfare.

Dry Bulk Shipping

Our logistics team provides shipping and freight services to Sugih's various commodity trading teams and third-party clients. It operates as a service provider securing competitive and reliable freight for our in-house oil, metals and minerals traders.


Our logistics infrastructure with a fleet of trucks, stockpiles, crushers, and even its own jetty for ensuring best-practice operational procedures. 

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      Here at Sugih International, our most valuable assets are our long-term partnerships with several coal suppliers in Indonesia. We leverage on their robust midstream supply chain assets and expertise, while our experienced traders provide value-added services to our end buyers and clients. 

The long-term partnership with several miners reduces the overall cost to our end buyers, allowing us of offer affordable coal prices for our long-term partners. 


Our objective is to build a long-term value chain with our partners and clients, based on a sustainable global outreach and close customer relationships.



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