Coal Mining

Presently, Sugih International has chosen East Kalimantan to house several coal mines. We operate these mines under stringent and exacting standards while never foregoing staff welfare.

The operating methods at our mines can be characterized by industry-standard ‘truck and shovel’ method, where trucks, specialized excavators, and bulldozers are employed to help along everything from mining to alleviation of overburden waste removal. The mining concession covers land to the tune of 4,900 hectares in Tanah Tidung, East Borneo, Indonesia, dotted with multitudes of open pit mines. The expected production level is 1.4 MTPA (million tonnes per annum), and our coal is sub-bituminous with low sulfur and ash levels, its quality ranging from 5,500 to 6,500kcal.

The precious coal is then transported from our mines to coal loading terminals, where their journey spans both land and sea – they arrive at our designated transshipment location, PT. Mitra Bara Jaya, after being taken from truck to barge, and finally across the oceans to the exotic destinations.

Coal Trading

Our group commenced international trade in early 2014. Since our inception, we have established a cherished worldwide client base of trading houses. If we may mention a few outstanding examples – Bulk Trading, South 32, and Glencore International… form the core of our business and trading operations, and have garnered excellent global repute for their reliability in coal trading amongst end consumers.

Not only do we supply coal mined from our mines in Tanah Tidung, we facilitate the supply of coal from carefully selected sources in East, Central and South Kalimantan, as well as far abroad as Richard Bay, South Africa. Through the intelligent use of integrated logistics, transshipment and transactional facilities supported by our banks, our agility is proven by our ability to accommodate our customers’ needs for trading in FOB or CFR basis.  A

Coal Quality

Sugih International boasts a team of experienced field operators charged with monitoring the standards of our coal. At every stage, our product is inspected for consistency and quality – from the mine to the stockpile, crushers, barge loading ports and vessel loading bays at anchorage, no mineral is left unturned.


We place emphasis upon risk mitigation in an industry where mishaps are commonplace, setting us apart. The expertise of our Quality Assurance Teams is called upon to proactively monitor and prevent the possibility of contamination at every stage. Imposing such exacting standards upon ourselves, we are better able to impress independent agencies such as SGS or Inspectorate et. al. The end result is simple – what we produce is consistent to the tee, ensuring that you get what you have contracted, on time, and in the requisite quality and quantity, every time.

Coal Logistics

Our logistics infrastructure with a fleet of trucks, stockpiles, crushers, and even its own jetty for ensuring best-practice operational procedures. Leveraging upon our principal’s capabilities, we also draw upon our third-party logistics partners to provide you with best-in-class support.


The duration for production and hauling 50,000 MT from mine to port destination has been reduced from 38 days in 2014 to 36 days by 2016 under our experienced operation analysts.


Sugih sees a huge potential in coal and considers it as a resource of the future. Coal as an energy substitute has grown tremendously over the past years and continues to yield attractive margins. With the main markets of Pakistan, Sugih takes this opportunity to export more coal to these regions to help support their rising requirements and demand for power and electricity.

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